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Protect your vessel with antifouling paint and save in fuel costs


By volume, 95% of global trade is conducted on our oceans. In NZ this includes cruising vessels, fishing boats and cargo ships. Our maritime industry continues to grow, as does our dependence on the vessels that work so hard to achieve it. Biofouling is the growth of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals that build up on the underwater sections of vessels. This build-up decreases the durability and efficiency of a vessel.Antifouling paint works to prevent biofouling, protecting your vessel and your pocket; it removes extra friction from the hull and saves you fuel costs.

This article will outline the specific benefits of antifouling paint, describe the variety of antifouling coatings available, and take a look at the ever-changing regulations regarding biocides. We will also look at the companies that provide antifouling products, and where to find them in NZ.


Four reasons antifouling paint is a necessity

The sheer volume of international trade and travel conducted on our seas and rivers shows our reliance on these waterways for much of our day to day life. The possibly harmful effects of this traffic on our marine environment cannot be overlooked and this is driving the demand for effective, low cost, low impact antifouling coatingsas part of a vessel's complete coating system.Without a proper antifouling system, there is a chance of microorganism migration to foreign waters. In addition to being beneficial for the environment, antifouling paint:

  1. Lowers fuel consumption
  2. Increases the maximum speed of a ship
  3. Protects against damaging marine growth
  4. Increases a ship’s durability


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