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Boost Your Boat's Efficiency with Premium Propspeed Auckland

It is common to see while boats are out of the water in auckland, propellers, shafts, rudders coated with a layer of silicone that gives the appearance of a yellow color, well this is the product PROPSPEED. Here is an article that démystifiés this product and why so many boaters select this product.

Understanding Propspeed

PROPSPEED is a product or rather an anti-fouling treatment for propellers and any underwater metals.

Propspeed in detail

It is a very effective anti-fouling coating system for propellers, propeller shafts, rudders, PODS, stern drives and other specific underwater components. It is designed to increase the efficiency and speed of the boat by forming a super slippery coating to which fouling organisms such as barnicles, algae and weeds cannot bind or adhere to.

It works wonderfully because it makes the surfaces really very smooth, and especially non-toxic to marine life (unlike conventional anti-fouling coatings, better known as antifouling paint).

Propspeed can be used on boats of all sizes and types

Commercial and recreational – including sailboats, cruisers, sport fishermen, superyachts, patrol boats, tugs, trawlers and ferries. It is very effective on these metal surfaces and other underwater surfaces.